Cooperation is the better Aid

We have prepared a number of highly profitable Joint Ventures with our partners in Ghana. The economy in this country is well known for solid and reliable growth rates during the last decade and already has started to recover from the recent global meltdown.

Ghana has been rated second in the 10 fastest growing GDP across the world, according to a 2011 forecast by the Economist Intelligence Unit. Now You have the opportunity to participate in our projects on every level and in any desired dimension. Our future profit will be equally Yours. Shares in start up's usually earn returns up to 1000% on their investment in 3-5 years. There is also an option to invests your funds at a fixed interest rate of actually 13%. Further we are open for any individual form of partnership that will be suited to Your personal intentions. 2010 we started to extend our activities and now support the development of projects in Kenya too. The GDP in this country is growing and a recovery from the recent crisis currently is on the way.

According to Ahmed Heikal, founder and chairman of Citadel Capital ( "There has never been a more interesting time for confident investors to venture into our continent. There are good reasons for the IMF to project Africa will grow faster than any other continent in the coming year."

He says recent IMF statistics show Africa growing at 4.1% in 2010, compared to 0.6% for advanced economies and projected a world average of 2.5% growth.

Abbey K. Landis, owner of BLC ( added: "As a champion for Africa - I have always stated - Africa will be a leading continent in the late 21st Century and for many future Centuries.

Places I would highly recommend investing in:
Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa."

Environmental protection and sustainability are essential in all our projects. If You are interested to participate in one of these ventures we are looking forward to negotiate an optimal agreement towards a successful cooperation. Meet us for a video conference on Skype ID go2ghana.

Detailed business plans will be provided after signing of a confidentiality agreement. Here, a fee of 8% of the targeted investment volume is payable. This will be fully credited upon completion of participation.