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Gottfried Mayerhofer, a successor of Jakob Lorber, received an interesting revelation about

The Seven Ways of Healing

1. Allopathy - Healing by Matter

Jesus: "The first and easiest method of healing naturally was for this kind of doctors: The base of this method is the materially view of nature. In most cases people became sick, because of too much semiluxury food. So special herbs (more luxury food) were looked for to cure in order to be able to continue the wrong lifestyle. This way of healing is nowadays still mainstream, because in most cases it helps for the moment in the most easy way for patients and healers.

But because mankind is falling deeper into materiality and the lifestyle is getting more complicated the old remedies refuse to help. Instead a lot of toxic substances are now used on this level of healing. This way the patients exchange one illness with ten new diseases which will emerge later in time and they often die very early."

2. Homeopathy - Healing the Soul

Jesus: "In the middle of this materially abasement, which would have led to the extinction of the whole human race I took compassion on mankind and enlightened some men who should find another method of healing, not affecting the body but the soul. This way a very small portion of natural remedies which would cause an illness in bigger portions, will bring healing to the soul which then becomes strong enough to cure the body - why? Because in my nature there is nothing harmful, only the way and amount of everything is the reason for use or harm. Look at the water for example - even this will kill you if it is too much...

In the remedies which are applied by the homeopathy not the matter is active, but the spirit of the matter only. This spirit has many relations to the substance of the soul of humans and animals. If there is some defect it can be rebuild with homeopathy."

3. Heliotherapy - Healing with Sunlight

Jesus: "After the homeopathy we find the heliotherapy as a way to reconstitute the diverted relations in the human organism by the means of sunlight. It may be tied into matter, or directly applied to the sufferers. This way of healing I have revealed detailed for you, the reason and effects." - (Published in the book "The Healing Power of Sunlight" by Jakob Lorber) - "Here I mentioned it only for those, who still don't know this method and maybe healed only this way."

4. Hydropathy - Healing with Water

Jesus: "After the heliotherapy comes the hydropathy or 'water therapy', a way of healing, which similar to the sun therapy with light in the water therapy with condensed light or condensed atmosphere affects the sick body mainly through the skin. What the sun therapy realises with 'worldether' or light does the water therapy with elements of the earth-soul, which are in the water as the mother of all creature on earth and still have the original power of creation like in the time when the continents were born. They still are fed from this mother.

People, you are children of the earth and therefore everything on it influences your existence; same as you are able to act with the earth, the reaction comes in return. Especially the water has great impact on your organism which consists mainly from water. The water affects humans through the skin with its spirit and in the same way as it bears the thrive and beauty of the nature it helps you to keep the clothes of your soul healthy. In the heliotherapy you already see only a small number of remedies, here in the water therapy remains only one, which in some cases is especially helpful and in general never should be ignored (but also not should be overestimated)"

Healing Magnetism or Aura Healing

Jesus: "Now we come to a finer, more highly healing method where in the end you will see that if everything is united and in the right place there cannot be any harm."

5. The first way

Jesus: "The next way of healing is known as magnetic manipulation. Every thing has a realm in which it is able to influence other things - its called aura. With this realm everything closes up but also is connected through with everything else. This own atmosphere influences other living natures or things which can be partially controlled by the will. Every human being has this atmosphere and to use it as remedy is known since ancient times. Many use it or abuse it, without to know what they are doing or what they could achieve with it. This way of healing shows already the finest, imponderable substances of creation acting upon you and all life. It is already a spiritual influence from the finest materially substances, which are given from the healer to the patient but it's not the last course how healing is given and reconstitution of health is possible."

6. The second way

Jesus: "The first way of magnetic healing is accompanied by the second way, which is the power of the soul to influence the soul of others and put them in trance. This way the soul itself becomes it's own doctor and healer. Here we have no longer any material influence, but the highest and most spiritual from the soul: The divine spark, the spirit within must become active and help the soul of the suffering to loosen their connection to the body, to open their spiritual eye in order to see the damages in their organisms. Now the soul becomes its own healer and no external remedy will be nessecary. Time and space united in eternity, no darkness, only light, light everywhere outside of the material body in contact with the spiritual world, remembering their position with me, the only great creator and loving father!"

7. The third way

Jesus: "If everyone would be able to heal this way or to want that, they first would have to cry about their blindness - but it is impossible for mankind in general to enter this point of view because this requires a high level of spiritual view, you yourself must be noble-minded before you can ask for access to a power which shall awake in others the highest and most precious. As much as it will be difficult for the healer to reach this level, it will be impossible to awake noblesse where it not is. A high level of spiritual or soulbeauty is required to realise healings with this method. Therefore they only seldom happen, a lot of abuse, many dissapointments which often follow these manifestations!

Healing is simple, but - before this point of view has to be reached, where all elements of nature follow your will, but just this to be reborn is not so easy; but where it flourishes the last and highest magnetism happens, the divine, where I too with the magnetizer will reach out my hand and with one word, with one thought can and will heal, if the intention of the magnetizer is innocent and my divine plan allows an healing in this case. To heal in my name is the highest, easiest and most effective, but it is not given everbody; Highest skills are required, an innocent soul, full confidence and much enthusiasm which will lift the human soul over the temporal mud to near Me; only then such healings are possible, except those cases, where I Myself send an order into the heart of one or another to reach out his hands in my name.

As I said: 'If you really want, mountains will move away and fall into the sea', it was ment with these words that if you could join yourself with my will and never hit my will with yours then you will be able to perform what I Myself am able to do and every element of nature will follow your will - this way any healing will be easy. But to this, it's a long way, a lot of trust, a long-sighted spiritual view is needed.

Not entangled in the temporal can do what they want with the elements, not halfhearted believers is indulged to do in union with me things, which once I Myself - and only exceptionally My disciples could effect. For this last and only great method of healing is required much more, than you all believe, is required that great confidence Henoch once had to me, and which is not easy to get. Seek for it, but don't ask for it until I give it myself. For you don't know what you are asking for because you cannot understand the responsibility which will be put on your shoulders, that you not to abuse it against one's will. Generally don't want extraordinary circumstances, they are not always what you might think; the more power someone has been bestowed with, the more difficult will be his position in the world, the bigger the temptations, the bigger the renunciations to work under the circumstances in which he was positioned by Me."

Published in "The Lord's Book of Life and Health" , Jakob Lorber.